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AF tracking for racing cars and motorbikes – more details of Canon’s EOS R3 revealed – a high-speed, high-performance mirrorless

2nd June 2021
Canon EOS R3. Front profile shown with RF 24-70mm F2.8 L IS USM

Canon EOS R3. Front profile shown with RF 24-70mm F2.8 L IS USM

Auckland, NEW ZEALAND, 2 June 2021 – Following Canon Inc.’s initial development announcement of the EOS R3 – its latest high-performance, high-speed professional mirrorless camera – more details have been revealed today confirming it marks a new era for sports, wildlife and news photographers.

Today, these new specs prove the EOS R3 takes object-tracking to another level – adding Auto Focus (AF) tracking for motorsports including racing cars and motorbikes. In addition to this, ideal for filmmakers, the EOS R3 can record oversampled 4K video.

Following the April development announcement, here’s some of the freshly revealed EOS R3 specs to be aware of:

Capture fast-moving subjects in pin-sharp focus, with ease
Professionals following moving objects around the frame will enjoy the EOS R3’s ability to keep them in pin-sharp focus – even when shooting RAW at 30fps – thanks to Canon’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology. The EOS R3 is perfect for motorsports photographers – with its ability to track racing cars and motorbikes. And when light conditions get tough, the camera can focus in extreme darkness at light levels -7EV or lower .

Supporting Canon’s unique Eye Control AF technology, which enables professionals to select the AF point with only their eye, the EOS R3 is an extension of any photographers’ creativity – reacting quickly in the moment to capture the shot. In low light, the EOS R3 offers up to 8-stops of protection against camera shake with Canon’s revolutionary combined Image Stabilizer (IS) technology. The camera’s sensor-shift IS works in tandem with the optical IS built into many RF Mount lenses, for a result that lets professionals shoot handheld in very dim light or while using long shutter speeds to intentionally blur movement.

High-quality RAW at 30fps
At the heart of the EOS R3 lies a brand-new back illuminated stacked CMOS sensor, working together with Canon’s high-performance DIGIC X image processor. Today, Canon can confirm it will capture quality RAW files at a staggering 30fps with full AF/AE tracking. The breathtaking speed of the camera’s new sensor also transforms what can be done with an electronic shutter. Flash sync is now possible with the electronic shutter when used with external Speedlites, and rolling shutter distortion when shooting fast-moving subjects has been reduced.

Oversampled 4K and RAW recording abilities
In addition to its next-level still photography capabilities, the EOS R3 is suited to those looking to capture high-quality video. The camera will record oversampled 4K, or users can record RAW footage internally. Canon Log 3 is also available to provide professionals with greater dynamic range and colour grading possibilities. Crucially, the same object recognition available to stills photographers is also available to videographers, so filmmakers can track fast-moving objects around the frame, keeping them in sharp focus.

Built for professionals
Built to withstand the rigours of day-to-day professional use, the EOS R3 will have a tough, magnesium-alloy body featuring dust and weather resistance to the same level as Canon’s legendary EOS-1D X Mark III – ensuring it can cope in toughest conditions. Dual card slots allow image files to be written to SD or CFexpress memory cards. The camera is powered by a high-capacity LP-E19 battery – the same as the one found in Canon’s EOS-1D X Mark III cameras – enabling professionals to use and share batteries between cameras that they may already have in their kitbag. The camera will also offer a choice of controls with both multi controller and smart controller – for completely intuitive operation. Offering three customisable dials on the body, plus a Lens Control ring on each RF Mount lens, this allows shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and exposure compensation all to be easily adjusted while the camera is at the photographer’s eye. The EOS R3 is also equipped with a Vari-Angle screen letting professionals compose easily from creative perspectives.

Advanced connectivity
As a camera intended for leading sports and news shooters – connectivity is vital. Offering a built in Wired LAN socket and 5GHz Wi-Fi allowing communication with compatible computer networks, laptops and mobile devices, professionals can share images quickly and easily. As previously announced, the EOS R3 is also compatible with the Canon Mobile File Transfer app. What’s more, the EOS R3 will feature a new accessory shoe which provides data communication and power for new accessories when attached to the camera.

EOS R3 key features announced as of today (2 June 2021) are:
• New Canon-developed back illuminated stacked CMOS sensor
• 30fps with AF/AE tracking
• AF tracking of people, animals (including birds) and motorsports (racing motorbikes and racing cars)
• Can record oversampled 4K, or RAW footage internally and Canon Log 3
• Eye Control AF point selection
• Capable of focus in light levels -7EV or lower4.
• Dual Pixel CMOS AF
• EOS-1D series dust and water resistance

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1 Most trusted digital camera brand in New Zealand as per

2 Applies to Canon Mirrorless, DSLR, Digital Video Camera, Lens and selected cinema product purchases made on or after 25th November 2019 in New Zealand from Canon New Zealand Ltd or their authorised distributors, dealers or retailers. For more information, visit

3 5GHz Wi-Fi-compatible computers, networks, and mobile devices only. Specifications of these products may vary depending on country and region

4For still photos only with an f/1.2 lens, except RF lenses with a Defocus Smoothing (DS) coating, using center AF point and One-Shot AF used at room temperature and ISO 100

1 For still photos only with an f/1.2 lens, except RF lenses with a Defocus Smoothing (DS) coating, using center AF point and One-Shot AF used at room temperature and ISO 100

2 Based on CIPA standards using RF 24-105mm F4 L IS USM, measured in yaw and pitch directions at 105mm focal length

3 5GHz Wi-Fi-compatible models only. Specifications may vary depending on country and region

4 For still photos only with an f/1.2 lens, except RF lenses with a Defocus Smoothing (DS) coating, using center AF point and One-Shot AF used at room temperature and ISO 100

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