Canon launches UJ27x6.5B IESD 4K Premium lens

6th September 2016
Canon today announces the launch of the UJ27x6.5B IESD, a 2/3” lens for broadcasters needing outstandingly high resolution and contrast in 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) workflows. Offering resolving power beyond 4K and a 27x optical zoom, the lens is an essential tool for a range of professional broadcast environments. The new addition will join the UJ86x9.3B to expand Canon’s ‘4K Premium’ lens range and will bridge the optical zoom gap of current ENG, studio and field box 4K HDR lenses, meeting the needs of today’s broadcasters. 

UJ27×6.5B IESD – Key Benefits
- Premium 4K optical quality lens for high end broadcasting
- UD glass and fluorite elements to reduce distortion
- High-contrast, low-ghosting lens ideal for HDR images
- Reduced focus breathing thanks to CAFS technology
- Enhanced design for easy handling  

Resolving power beyond 4K, providing superior quality 
The UJ27×6.5B IESD is able to deliver exceptional performance that surpasses 4K resolution, thanks to Canon’s expertise in optical design. High contrast and high resolution is maintained from the image centre to the edges and is consistent in all wavelength regions of the B, G and R channels as well as in the wide frequency bands from HDTV to 4K, and even beyond. 

The use of fluorite and UD glass, along with Canon’s lens coating and anti-reflection technologies, provides exceptional control over ghosting and flare; ideal for shooting outdoor sport. 

Incredible zoom ratio, offering the ultimate flexibility 
Professionals capturing content for broadcast, whether working in confined studio spaces or large outdoor areas, want a lens with the upmost flexibility to capture a variety of scenes. 

Built on feedback from broadcasters and cameramen around the world, the UJ27×6.5B IESD features a 27x optical zoom, perfect for shooting sport where a mix of close up shots of the audience and long pan shots of the action is required. The lens also provides the ability to quickly change focus without losing viewing angles and, following Canon’s technological advancements to the inner focus system, focus breathing is kept to an absolute minimum. Whilst the lens has an impressive 6.5-180mm focal length, the built-in 2x extender doubles the telephoto power, yet still maintaining exceptional resolution beyond 4K. 

Stylish design combined with ease of operation 
The UJ27×6.5B IESD is Canon’s most stylish and intuitive 2/3” lens to date, thanks to its new design and easy handling. Additionally, the lens’ 20-pin connector ensures it easily integrates into existing environments. 

The UJ27×6.5B IESD will be available from June 2017. Prices will be set at dealer discretion.
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