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Canon Australia and Getty Images launch ‘This is Australia’ collection to showcase the diversity of our communities

19th September 2018

World-first partnership allows local Canon community photographers to learn and earn, sharing their perspectives to the world through global stock photo network

photo of a Muslim surfer. Image by Attila Csaszar

(Credit: Atilla Csaszar, Canon community member and Getty Images contributor)

Sydney, Australia, 19 September 2018 – Canon Australia has teamed up with Getty Images, a world leader in visual communications, in a first-of-its-kind partnership to tell the real story of contemporary Australia, launching a community-generated photo collection called ‘This is Australia. With more than 5,000 photographs from over 200 photographers of all levels from among Canon Australia’s local consumer base, this homegrown stock photography collection showcases to the world the diversity that is alive within our local communities. The unique Canon-Getty Images partnership also features contributor education sessions and fast-track approval exclusive for Canon’s local community members.

“We’re proud to give Canon camera owners a platform to show their unique perspective of our country to the world and to help balance the stereotypical perspectives of Australia in advertising and media,” says Jason McLean, Director – Canon Consumer Imaging. “This is an opportunity that comes with every Canon camera for people to learn the shooting style of stock photography, get set up quickly as contributors and earn from their art. It’s great to see success for contributors already, including images being purchased to feature in a new Vegemite campaign.”

Through the partnership, Australian Canon camera owners can develop their skills and learn from their art, while contributing to an important cultural project that will reach a global audience of more than one million Getty Images customers.To assist Canon photographers to get up and running on the platform, Canon is providing its photography community the opportunity to be fast-tracked as a Getty Images contributor. In addition, the Canon Collective photography experience team is facilitating free workshops and events designed in conjunction with Getty Images for contributors to learn how to shoot stock photography.

Created and curated on the principle of representing the authentic Australia, the growing collection from more than 200 photographers from the Canon community reflects our richly diverse population of more than 25 million individuals, each with a story to tell. The images respond to four ‘shooting’ briefs designed to generate a collection of stock photography representing the varying facets of culture, ethnicity, gender, and age: “Multicultural Australia: A Day in the Life”, “Re-picturing Gender”, “Conceptual Realism”, and “Age is Just a Number: Australian 50+ Lifestyle”

“We’re excited to partner with Canon on the ‘This Is Australia’ collection and look forward to seeing how brands can take these images forward and make for better representation in their advertising,” said Petra O’Halloran, Creative Research Editor at Getty Images. “The collection speaks to the changing face of Australia and the need to reflect this in the marketing industry. We want to put our community in the driver’s seat, letting them be the creators and curators of their own stories. We believe this is the best way to get a glimpse into authentic Australia.”

To build the ‘This Is Australia’ collection in response to this growing demand for ‘real’ imagery, Getty Images has partnered with Canon Australia as the major camera brand with thriving local photography communities such as the Canon Collective and also globally ranked online communities. Available for use by the Australian media and advertising industry, the rapidly growing collection quickly surpassed the initial launch target of 1,000 stock photography images, with Canon Australia community members already supplying more than 5,000 images that showcase the nation and the unique collection of people that bring it to life.

Four individuals who have contributed to the collection, benefitting from the collaboration and education that Canon’s preparation experiences provide, have already enjoyed success in selling their images through the platform:

Marianne Purdie

A retired school teacher working with underprivileged children, Marianne is a Brisbane based photographer and has said “Being accepted as a Getty Images contributor has given me the opportunity to showcase more of my images than had previously been possible. There is also the great potential for financial reward. Fantastic for an advanced amateur photographer who is just starting to put her toes in the water.”

Atilla Csaszar

Originally from Budapest, Brisbane based photographer Atilla’s image of a female Muslim surfer has been featured in Vegemite’s latest campaign1 ‘Tastes Like Australia’ by creative agency Thinkerbell. It’s an awesome program and it really inspired me to create something unique about this beautiful country and people. I attended a really great workshop in Brisbane earlier this year organised by Canon Australia and Getty Images and had the opportunity to work with an art director from Getty Images New York. It was brilliant.”

Belinda Howell

A 20-year veteran Literacy Intervention Teacher, Belinda is an aspiring, photographer. The most outstanding event in her career to date is the confidence boost she experienced being accepted as a Getty Images contributor. ‘This is Australia’ gave her the chance to shoot to a brief and “…share what my little Australian family looks like with the world”.

Marnie Griffiths

Librarian, Marnie describes herself as a hobbyist photographer. “The Canon Collective event at Lady Elliot Island was the single most important part of my photographic journey,” says Marnie. “Photography has the power to show another beautiful side of life. I chose photos to submit that I think represent Australia in general for the world to see another side of us. Australia really is diverse, made up of a myriad of different people and cultures. Advertising images should reflect that.”

How to get involved

Contributions to ‘This is Australia’ will be accepted until 31 December 2018. This is how you can share your view of the real Australia with photographers and brands around the world.

1.   Pick up your Canon camera and show us your Australia. Respond to a ‘This Australia’ brief and become an official contributor to Getty Images

2.   Visit the ‘This is Australia’ landing page for information on how to contribute and various experiences available for the remainder of 2018

3.   Win funding for your own ‘This is Australia’ shoot by applying for a range of Canon grants

Contributors are not required to have an Australian Business Number (ABN).

Overview of the Collection

‘This is Australia’ has been curated based on four distinct briefs:

Multicultural Australia: A Day in the Life

This brief is focused on imagery portraying an ethnically diverse Australia through a ‘lifestyle’ lens – people doing everyday things like taking the kids to school, spending time at the beach, relaxing after work or enjoying a BBQ in the park. Think non-stereotypical visuals, reflective of what you encounter every day.

Re-picturing Gender

This brief aims to smash gender stereotypes that permeate throughout stock photography. When it comes to portraying women, think about empowerment: in work, education, exercise and travel. For men, it’s time to discard dull, destructive male stereotypes. Think about images of men as single dads, shoppers, caregivers – the changing definitions of what it means to be a man in a modern Australia. Not everyone defines themselves by a specific gender so it’s important to see gender fluidity represented in modern stock imagery.

Conceptual Realism

This brief asks for authentic lifestyle imagery with a highly conceptual storyline and a well-considered shooting/post-production style. It draws from the 2018 trend of Conceptual Realism. Clients are always in need of imagery of everyday activities, like commuters running down the street for a bus, or couples and families enjoying an afternoon in the park. But there’s a growing need within this space to create imagery that is quirky and conceptual.

Age is Just a Number: Australian 50+ Lifestyle

This brief addresses the need for imagery that authentically depicts our aging population in Australia. Baby boomers are underrepresented in stock imagery. Australia’s older generations lead exciting lives and are healthier than ever. We want to break away from the image of an older man or woman shut away in a nursing home and instead represent Australians over 50 through a collection of lifestyle imagery that reflects their experiences.

1 Canon Australia has no relationship with Vegemite or Thinkerbell.

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