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Canon Australia and Megan Hess partner to improve the design process in the digital age

6th September 2017

Sydney Australia, 5 September, 2017 - Australia is proud to announce a new partnership with international fashion illustrator, Megan Hess. Through this unique partnership with Canon, Hess took her printing in-house, using Canon’s professional printers to bring her chic and fashion-forward illustrations to life. 

She will be showcasing a range of her limited-edition prints in a way that has never been seen before, through a free, immersive exhibition titled ‘Paris’ at SUNSTUDIOS in Sydney, from 7th to 19th September 2017. 

Hess is a household name in the fashion world, working regularly with Dior, Prada, Louis Vuitton and many more prestigious brands. Hess’ big break came in 2008 when she was asked to illustrate the New York Times’ number-one bestselling book Sex and the City, written by Candice Bushnell. Canon’s range of large-format printers – which includes the Canon ImagePROGRAF Pro-1000 and Canon ImagePROGRAF Pro-2000 – ensures Hess can produce high-quality prints under the same roof as they are created, speeding up the design process and giving her more control of the creative product. 

“The benefit of printing in house is that I can keep a close eye over the detail, which is a fundamental aspect of my design process. Partnering with Canon gives me the peace of mind that the exact colours, the line work, and detail is reproduced precisely as I envisioned it,” Hess adds.

In the inherently digital age we live in, the power of print is stronger than ever. By using Canon’s range in-house, creatives are able to showcase their work in the best possible quality – opening the door to a bigger variety of commercial printing possibilities and revenue streams.

“In our automated and digital society anything that’s hand drawn, handmade, hand crafted or hand printed becomes really valuable. I’m excited to be part of the printing process using Canon because I know my work is truly valued when it becomes a piece of tangible art, or is something I can share with someone,” Hess continued. 

As part of the collaboration, Canon Australia and Megan Hess are hosting an exhibition of Hess’ images from her new collection. Entitled ‘Paris’, this free exhibition is on display at Sydney’s epicentre of professional photography SUNSTUDIOS in Alexandria. Running from Thursday 7th September until Tuesday 19th September, the immersive exhibition brings to life Hess’ work in a way that’s never been seen before to showcase the power of Canon printing to create a beautiful, immersive experience. See the breathtaking 2.4-metre-tall Dior Museum, printed on separate layers of foam core allowing guests to interact with the artwork and experience firsthand the scope of applications that Canon products can achieve. 

Head to the Canon Australia stories page to watch Megan’s incredible work come to life using Canon Australia’s range of professional printers. 

Exhibition details: Paris – Megan Hess 
Where: SUNSTUDIOS, 42 Maddox St, Alexandria 
Dates: Thursday 7th September – Tuesday 19th September
Time: Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am – 4pm
Cost: Free to enter

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