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Is it possible to output embedded audio and time code signals from the HD/SD SDI terminal? (XF105/XF100)

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The digital signal output from the HD/SD SDI terminal includes the video signal, audio signal and time code signal. If necessary, perform the following procedure to change the output to HD or SD. Turning the output off will conserve the camcorder’s power.

Only the camcorder is compatible with the HD/SD SDI terminal.

1. Press the ⋖MENU⋗ button.

2. Select [Video Setup] -⋗ [SDI Output]in that order.

3. Select the desired option and then press ⋖SET⋗.

If you selected [HD], no more settings need to be made. If you selected [SD], you can select the SD output method.

4. Press the ⋖MENU⋗ button to close the menu.

Embedded Audio

Embedded audio refers to the superimposing of the audio signal along with the video signal being output from the HD/SD SDI terminal. If you set the [Video Setup] -⋗ [SDI Output] setting to [HD] or [SD], the camcorder will automatically embed audio.

Time Code

The time code will be output from the TIME CODE terminal as an SMPTE standard LTC timing signal. The user bit will also be output. Before connecting the device, set the TIME CODE terminal to output. If you set the [SDI Output] setting to [HD] or [SD], the embedded time code will be output from the HD/SD SDI terminal.

There are three running modes, as shown below, in which the time code can be output from the HD/SD SDI terminal.

Rec RunThe time code runs only when recording and clips on the same CF card will have a continuous time code.
Free RunThe time code runs regardless of the camcorder's operation.
Regen.The time code runs while recording. Use this running mode to continue with the last recorded time code on the media.


If you set an assignable button to [Time Code Hold], you can freeze the display of the time code. The time code signal output from the HD/SD SDI terminal or GENLOCK/TC terminal will not be put on hold. The time code superimposed on the video signal output from the other terminals will be put on hold.
The frames value in the time code runs from 0 to 24.
During special recording mode, the time code signal will not be output from the GENLOCK/TC terminal or HD/SD SDI terminal.
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