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FAQ and troubleshooting

Turning the Printer ON/OFF

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Turning the Printer ON


Do not turn the printer ON immediately after turning it OFF. If you want to cycle the power of the printer, wait at least 10 seconds before turning it ON again.
If the printer does not operate properly, or an error message appears in the Printer Status Window, see "User's Guide" (HTML manual) in the CD-ROM supplied with the printer.

1. Press the power switch when the printer is OFF.

When the printer is turned ON, it initiates a self-diagnostic test on the printer unit.

If no abnormality is found during the self-diagnostic test, the Power indicator on the printer comes on, and the printer is ready to print.

Turning the Printer OFF

1. Make sure that the printer is not in any of the following states before turning it OFF.

While the printer is in the middle of printing
While the printer is running a self-diagnostic test immediately after turning the power ON


If you turn the printer OFF, all print data remaining in the printer memory will be erased.

2. Press the power switch when the printer is ON.

If no abnormality is found, the Power indicator on the printer goes off, and the printer is turned OFF.


When the printer is OFF, the power consumption is 0 W.

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