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Firmware update (Windows)

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This is a Firmware update to V.1.3.2020.1111

Update History

[Update to V.1.3.2020.1111]
- Support Mac OS 11.0

Setup Instructions

NOTE: After upgrading to firmware version 1.3.2019.726, it is best you upgrade or have already upgraded the ISIS/TWAIN driver to the latest version.

[Firmware update procedures]
Step 1: Turn on the DR-C225WII then connect to the same network as a PC with the updater downloaded via AT mode or ST mode.
Step 2: Activate DRC225WUpdate.exe.
Step 3: Click [Yes] when the software licence agreement is displayed.
Step 4: All the DR-C225W II on the network now are listed on the device list of the updater. Select the DR-C225W II to update the firmware then click [Next].
* The DR-C225W II is not conencted to the same network as a PC if the machine is NOT displayed on the list. Please confirm the connect condition then click [Renew].
* The multiple scanners are displayed on the list if thr multiple scanners are connected to the network.
Step 5: Confirm the message that appears, read, then click [OK] to perform the version update.
Step 6: When the message appears to show that the firmware update is successfully completed, click [OK] to close the updater.
Step 7: Confirm the device list again to make sure that the correct version number is displayed.


-Please do not turn off the scanner while updating firmware.
-Please make sure to close all other activated application software while updating firmware.
-Please save the installer directly on hard disk of your computer and start activating.
-It is recommended to turn off the screen saver and low power mode setting while updating firmware.

File information

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