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27-inch 4K/HDR professional display
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27-inch 4K/HDR professional display

High quality image performance for broadcast and cinema colour management

  • Luminance performance

    Achieve all-black levels of 0.001cd/m2, as well as high contrast performance of 1,000,000:1 for video production.

    Macro image of a white rose
  • Wide colour gamut

    Employing high colour-rendering LEDs and a uniquely designed backlight system to achieve a wider colour gamut, complying with the UHDTV broadcasting standard UTI-R BT.2020.

    Image of a stained glass ceiling fixture
  • HDR Monitoring Assist

    Supports a range of functions that video creators need to accurately assess images.

    Professional display with HDR Monitoring Assist
  • Suitable for a compact production environment

    A compact design allows use in transit trucks and small studio environments.

    Product image of DP-V2730