Wide Format Printers

Present your CAD, GIS and technical drawings with pin point precision and in wide format, with Canon’s wide format printers.
  • CAD GIS - plans rendered

    Pin point accuracy down to the millimetre

    Produce remarkably accurate and detailed CAD and GIS drawings with Canon’s wide format printers. If you are an Architect, Engineer or in the construction industry, millimetre accuracy can mean the difference between success and failure. Our wide format printers have been built to see you succeed.
  • Work sears travel instore poster

    Enjoy a world of media and sizing options

    Create head turning and striking posters, signs and POS from 24” right through to 64” wide. Gain print versatility by printing on odd shaped, heavy, smooth or pre-cut rigid media, as well as multi-layer prints such as large tiled prints over multiple boards and edge-to-edge printing.
    Enjoy rich colour production combined with a highly productive and user friendly design from start to finish.
  • Large format scanner

    Scan the finest detail in true accuracy

    Expand your horizons and take productivity up a few notches with Canon’s large format scanners. Choose from colour and black & white scanners that capture the finest detail and provide true accuracy, in even the most technical documents.
    Whether you’re scanning large format CAD, GIS or architectural drawings, expect exceptionally accurate results every time.
  • Add the final touches for the perfect finish

    Gain complete control of your print jobs right through to the application of the perfect finishing. Canon offer a complete solution to adding the final touches to your documents, so you can deliver a quality product to your client at every turn.
    Finishing options include booklet makers, binders, stackers, hole punching and roll feeders.
  • Complete printing controls from start to finish

    Unlock more efficient ways to work and demand better print volumes from your printer using Canon software. Benefit from an improvement in workflow, greater control over the printing process, colour management and reporting functions at your fingertips.
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