Ski Slope Kiosks

A classic design and one of the most stable and sleek kiosk units available on the market.

Excellent Image Quality

A full glass 1920 x 1080 commercial grade display panel delivers excellent image quality, supported by 450-nit brightness and a 178-degree viewing angle.

Content  And Connectivity

Utilise a world of content platforms with the Android 4.2 commercial operating system, or add a BrightSign media player for superior digital signage functionality. USB, Wi-Fi and network cable connectivity. A Windows model is also available as an option.

Built For Longevity

Based on commercial grade display screen technology, this digital signage solution is designed to last 50,000 hours, which is over 5.5 years of running continuously in a 24/7 operation.

Display Signage Ski design for Wheelchairs

Visitor registration hardware options

Applications of visitor kiosks

Kiosks are used in a variety of industries and sectors from banking, hospitality, education and medical. Ideal for simple visitor kiosks to advanced omnichannel solutions incorporating payments or an online store.

  • Kiosks for purchasing

    Improve your instore experience, and ensure sales aren't missed due to low or no stock. Kiosk hardware is available with payment processors, or act as dedicated kiosks for your website catalog.

  • Internet enabled kiosks

    Internet enabled kiosks are perfect way to extend your instore offering, or improve your waiting area with a restricted view of websites or partners of your company/organisation.

  • Kiosks in receptions

    Customer service with consistency through a kiosk. Manage daily tasks of a receptionist, including providing health and safety information, registering visitors or acting as a guide to your customer or visitors.

  • Kiosks for Wayfinding

    Increase the satisfaction of your customers or visitors with a wayfinding kiosk in your business. Identify key landmarks, points of interest or departments within your stores.

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