Large Screen Kiosk

Large screen kiosks, ideal for information centres, libraries or ecommerce solutions via payment readers.

Large Screen Kiosk Overview

Larger format 50” and 55” free standing kiosks running Windows 10 professional which can be used for a wide variety of requirements from digital signage to self-service solutions

These kiosks enable users to order from a digital catalogue when items are not in stock, check out a library book, look up information about products, issue a hotel key card, browse websites for information or collect credit card payments in exchange for merchandise. Customised components such as card readers and thermal printers enable kiosks to meet all types of needs.

Features of these kiosks include

  • LED light box top display panel which can be fitted with different colour gels and a diffuser, which is laser cut out in the logo design required.
  • Chassis made from powder coated steel with sides coated in silver then over glossed in silk clear.
  • Top brand touch enabled display panels with 4mm or 6mm toughened safety glass.
  • Screen brightness options to suit the environment and ambient light.
  • Mini-computer and UPS both sit inside the stand which is locked with a security keys.
  • Options including HD camera for motion detection or facial recognition compatibility, printers, scanners and EFTPOS units.
Large Screen Touch Kiosk

Visitor registration hardware options

Applications of visitor kiosks

Kiosks are used in a variety of industries and sectors from banking, hospitality, education and medical. Ideal for simple visitor kiosks to advanced omnichannel solutions incorporating payments or an online store.

  • Kiosks for purchasing

    Improve your instore experience, and ensure sales aren't missed due to low or no stock. Kiosk hardware is available with payment processors, or act as dedicated kiosks for your website catalog.

  • Internet enabled kiosks

    Internet enabled kiosks are perfect way to extend your instore offering, or improve your waiting area with a restricted view of websites or partners of your company/organisation.

  • Kiosks in receptions

    Customer service with consistency through a kiosk. Manage daily tasks of a receptionist, including providing health and safety information, registering visitors or acting as a guide to your customer or visitors.

  • Kiosks for Wayfinding

    Increase the satisfaction of your customers or visitors with a wayfinding kiosk in your business. Identify key landmarks, points of interest or departments within your stores.

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