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Cleaning the Inside of the Printer

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Fixing Unit

Dirt may adhere to the fixing unit inside the machine and cause black spots or streaks to appear on printouts. If this occurs, proceed as follows to clean the fixing unit. Note that you cannot clean the fixing unit when the machine has documents waiting to be printed. To clean the fixing unit, you need plain A4 or Letter size paper. Set the paper in the multi-purpose tray before performing the following procedure.

Fixing Unit

1. Press [ ] (Utility).

2. Use [ ] / [ ] to select ⋖Cleaning⋗, and press [ ].

3. Select the size of the loaded paper, and press [ ].

4. Select ⋖Yes⋗, and press [ ].

The ⋖Insert paper to be used for cleaning.⋗ message appears on the display.

5. Press [ ] (Online).

The cleaning pattern is printed on the loaded paper and the ⋖Set cleaning paper and press the Online key.⋗ message appears on the display.

6. Load the printed cleaning paper (with the arrow toward the machine), with the print side face down.


If paper remains on the multi-purpose tray

Remove the loaded paper from the tray, and set the cleaning paper.

7. Press [ ] (Online).

The cleaning paper is slowly fed into the machine and the cleaning of the fixing unit starts.

You cannot stop the cleaning halfway. Wait until the cleaning is completed (approx. 110 seconds).
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