uniFLOW: Canon's print management solution

A fully integrated print, scan & device management system

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    Easy release

    The deadline is not the time to be fiddling around with print settings. Use your personal queue to ready jobs ahead of time & release them on cue from anywhere in the world via a mobile app. Clever.

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    Go further without a printer holding you back

    Your team doesn’t need to be tethered to the printer. uniFLOW’s universal driver lets you print securely from the same room or the next city from a plethora of devices from desktops to tablets.

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    Save the environment. Save money

    Clever environmentally conscious features such as double sided printing and deleting unreleased jobs, make uniFLOW both a friend of the environment and business costs.

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    Scan and share

    Scanned documents can be set to automatically send to certain destinations. It will also compress and export to various services like Microsoft SharePoint®, Therefore™, Google Drive™ and Dropbox.

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    Serious document security

    Any security weak point is a huge concern. uniFLOW has security features that stop sensitive documents from printing without permission or being left in the tray for anyone to view.

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    You set the rules, you decide who plays

    You can’t be everywhere at once, so a built-in reporting system lets you decide who does what and how. Set restrictions, monitor usage and route specific tasks to more cost effective devices.


Improve efficiency

red tick No more queuing

Follow-me print means less laps to the printer and back. With follow-me print, the user can press go on their device and release their print outs from any available printer once they get there.  

red tick Smart business printing

Now, you can stop big jobs from finding their way to the highest cost-per-page printer in the building. With uniFLOW, you can set the rules and make sure certain types of tasks only go to the most appropriate, or directly to your Central Reprographics Department. 

Improve productivity  

red tick Print from anywhere

uniFLOW brings your team closer by allowing mobile users to print from any mobile device without needing to handle printer drivers or complicated applications. Whether they’re printing from the next room, or the next city, jobs appear in the queue as normal. 

red tick Guest-friendly mobile printing

Visiting suppliers or clients will receive a job code that will allow them to print like any other user. They can even customise the settings at the machine to suit the task.  

red tick Track it all

Every single job that is printed can be tracked back to a user, no matter if it’s done through a mobile device or a guest. So your reports are fully accurate, every time.

Gain control and improve cost savings

 red tick Control print usage

Restrict print usage by user, department of even at a project level. You can control things like colour usage, back-to-back printing and countless other settings on a user-by-user basis.

red tick Recover your costs

With full visibility on print usage, you can now review usage based on user, department and more, giving you the ability to accurately allocate and charge back printing costs.

red tick Stop wastage

uniFLOW helps reduce this behaviour by allowing people to review documents and make final corrections at the device, as well as finalise other settings before hitting print.

Protect your data

 red tick Keep it confidential
uniFLOW is as serious about keeping sensitive documents confidential as you are. That’s why nothing gets printed unless the user is at the device and logged in to release their job.

red tick Keep it secure

Information is the lifeblood of your business and you need to keep a tight grip on it. uniFLOW monitors and records all key information and copies in an archive system which means you can conduct complete audits of documents and follow the paper trail back to the source of any leaks.