Invoice Processing Automation

Optimise business processes to mitigate risk, accelerate decision-making and drive revenue.
Benefits of Invoice Automation
  • Faster Payments

    Faster Payments

    All data coming via multiple channels and in many formats are automatically processed, classified and delivered.

  • Prompt Transactions

    Prompt transactions, decisions, and actions

    With lower data processing cycles and high-level accuracy it is easy to meet deadlines, and to think and act accordingly.

  • Control Predictability

    Control, predictability, and compliance

    With lower data processing cycles and high-level accuracy it is easy to meet deadlines, and to think and act accordingly.

Highly accurate, scalable data and document processing automation platform that intelligently captures, classifies and delivers critical data from incoming image, email and document streams to the right recipients – for better performance, process transparency and workload predictability.


By streamlining and automating invoice processing, your Accounts Payable team can save time and resources, reducing processing time from weeks to a matter of days. By removing manual data entry they can instead focus on other core activities, completing more tasks with the same number of employees.


Flexible workflow processes can be configured to route invoices throughout the business for approval and validation. It’s even possible to access documents and process workflows away from the office, either using a Mobile App or Web Access.

Workflows automatically route invoices to the correct employee or manager for approval with clear deadlines and escalation paths to ensure on-time payment.

  • Reduced invoice processing times
  • Visibility of where invoices are in your system
  • Fully visible audit trail for invoice approvals
  • Quick and efficient supplier payments


Transparent processing of incoming invoices is critical for efficient business operations. An invoice – whether electronic or on paper – should be digitised so that your finance or accounting department are immediately notified.

Invoices, which are not directly captured at headquarters, but received at branches or subsidiaries abroad, can be handled via one centralised process. An automated solution allows you to monitor the Accounts Payable department process in such a way to ensure operational efficiency is achieved. Standardisation of invoice processing

  • No more lost or misplaced invoices
  • Visibility for budget management, planning and forecasting
  • Reduction in incidents of fraud and double payments
  • Regulatory compliance


Manual processing of invoices may lead to entry or balancing errors, which can lead to time-consuming post-processing, or in extreme cases, missed or incorrect payments. Additionally, manual processing often results in misplaced or lost documents inside a company. Your company suffers lost productivity, increased costs and delays in final payments and reconciliations.

  • Fewer manual processes, and more time for other activities
  • Automated control of regulatory compliance (also on an international level)
  • Only validated invoices will be booked in your Finance system (ERP)
  • Invoices are verified immediately, eliminating the need for copying or passing on physical documents