Océ Publisher Select 2

The faster, smarter, easier way to boost productivity

  • Seamless workflow end to end icon

    Put the flow back into your workflow

    The software is designed to streamline your workflow: templates are easy to create, use & name; popular settings can be grouped for consistent output and you can create as many templates as you like.

  • Do it all online icon

    Let the software do the work

    Océ Publisher Select 2 lets you manage your CAD/GID workflow more efficiently with its drag and drop functionality, automated processes, and ability to import files that are ready to print.

  • Productivity to boost your business icon

    Spend less time reprinting

    Get your print setting right first time with the automated pre-flight function, and quickly see which jobs are too big for the media or which drawings need adjusting with dynamic print preview.

  • Fast return investment icon

    Cut preparation times by 30%

    Don't waste your time and money on long, drawn out print preparation. Instead shave off up to 30% with efficient drag and drop functionality and user-friendly template management.

Océ Publisher Select 2