Océ Arizona 2200 GT Series

A UV flatbed printer with speed & quality built-in

Broaden your business opportunities

Now you can take on a wider range of print jobs without running the risk of them slowing you down. Thanks to the Océ Arizona 2200 GT Series, you can enjoy the benefits of true UV flatbed printing, at high speed. It can handle a wider variety of rigid media and lets you print on just about anything.

  • Think outside the ordinary

    Print higher value jobs like multi-layered media, printing on objects, double-sided boards or large tiled images, up to 1250 x 2500mm and 50.8mm thick.

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  • Registration never wanders, even when printing full bleed

    Cut out the mistakes. The Océ Arizona 2200 XT Series has pneumatic registration pins to keep rigid media locked, loaded and perfectly in line.

    Ensuring hands free perfection everytime icon

The bar has been raised

The wait is over. Enjoy higher volumes and higher quality from every printer's favourite UV flatbed. The Océ Arizona 2200 GT Series takes what's great about the range and adds new levels of application versatility and ease-of-use to make it the ideal machine for wide-format graphic arts print producers and other higher capacity requirements.

  • Easy to maintain

    Take a hands off approach with the standard Automated Printhead Maintenance System that does its own printhead cleaning in 25 seconds per colour.

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  • Variodot gives images more pop

    Turn up the quality of images with the micro-fine 6-42 picolitre ink droplets of the VarioDot system, for smooth transitions & sharply focused detail.

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  • Productivity to boost your business icon

    Quality on a big scale

    Think bigger volume, think bigger variety. With the Océ Arizona 2200 GT Series, mid volume sign producers can upgrade their productivity and versatility with award-winning Océ VarioDot quality.

  • Tick all the boxes icon

    Set a new pace for productivity

    Finish faster. Choose ultra-fast or express print modes and turbocharge production with the 8-channel piezoelectric inkjet system and quick change 3 litre UV-curable ink packs which speed up refills.

  • Versatile application icon

    Quality across all media

    Print rigid media of almost any shape and with the Roll Media Option print flexible media up to 2.2 m wide with spot-on print geometry thanks to Active Pixel Placement Compensation.

  • The all round over achiever icon

    Widen media capabilities

    Expand your business to a new world of earning possibilities. Print on a wide variety of media in full colour from retail signage to point of sale, printing on objects, or uniquely constructed packaging.

  • Features that make life easier icon

    An operator's dream

    The Océ Arizona Step, Repeat and Mirror makes last minute adjustments easy and the high flow vacuum system handles warped rigid media without hassle.

  • Ensuring hands free perfection everytime icon

    Beautiful reproduction

    Five pneumatic registration pins and 6/7 zone vacuum system keeps everything lined up and squared away no matter what shape your rigid media. Ensuring hands-free perfection every time.

Océ Arizona 2200 GT Series Specifications