Océ Arizona 1200 XT Series

Rigid or flexible, this UV flatbed excels

Canon Oce Arizona 1200 series

Do the extraordinary every day

Choose your journey. Set up the Océ Arizona 1200 XT to print high quality photographic prints with up to 8 ink channels and even add light cyan and magenta inks for highlights and midtones with more punch. Or you can go the other way and configure it for high speed CM-Squared ink configuration and double nozzle redundancy.

  • Incredible 3 dimensional versatility

    The Océ Arizona 1200 XT Series adds depth to your business letting you go as large as 2500mm x 3080mm in width and as thick as 50.8mm.

  • More productivity, Less masking

    Let the printer do the work. A six/seven zone vacuum system holds down media of all shapes and sizes and takes masking out of the equation.

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    Super sized quality

    The extra-large Océ Arizona 1200 XT UV flatbed printer with its award-winning 8 channel Océ VariaDot imaging technology is big on quality for fine art and photographic applications.

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    Quality no matter what the media

    The Arizona's industry-proven extra-large UV flatbed architecture with integrated Roll Media Option & Active Pixel Placement Compensation means uniform print geometry on both rigid or flexible media.

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    Endless new applications

    Print on an endless variety media and objects in full colour white ink and varnish which helps broaden your range to include a host of high value POS and full mixed-media campaigns.

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    As flexible as your imagination

    With a table size handling objects of 2.5m x 3.09m in size and 50.8mm thick your options are limited only by your imagination. Add the Roll Media Option and print flexible media up to 2.2 m wide.

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    A reliable repeat performer

    Get repeatable results thanks to pneumatic registration pins which lock everything in place while a 7 zone vacuum system handles rigid media without the need for manual masking.

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    Easy to use

    Operations like Step and Repeat and Mirror make last minute adjustments easy and the high flow vacuum system pulls down warped rigid media firmly during printing.