M40 Network Scanner

Intuitive wide format scanning that's incredibly smart

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Explore a new world of wide format scanning

Business is looking up. With intuitive controls and automated processes, the M40 Network Scanner delivers incredibly fast and accurate scans, all from a compact unit that will save you space, time, energy and money.

  • Scanning that's fast and accurate

    Scans in mono at 33cm/sec and colour at 7.6/sec. Go as wide as 1016mm on mediums up to 2mm thick - all at an optical resolution of 1200 dpi.

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  • Perfection at your fingertips

    SmartWorks software automatically adjusts documents captured, lets you pre-set scanning parameters and edit colour and image quality on the fly.

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Set and forget

Tired of the hold-ups? The M40 Network Scanner automatically detects and scans multiple documents in the tray, adjusting for different file sizes and types along the way.

  • Copy, archive and distribute

    Speed up the process used to copy, archive & distribute maps, drawings, site and facilities management plans and more with the M40 Network Scanner.

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  • Smart system, easy operation

    Intuitive controls make operating it incredibly easy, whether you're starting or stopping a job, advancing, recalling or adjusting for colour and size.

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    Ultimate scanning options

    When it comes to data capture quality, the scanner offers 16.7 million colour RGB (24-bit), 256 colour RGB adaptive indexed colour palette (8-bit), 256 level greyscale (8-bit) and B&W (1-bit).

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    Intelligence to impress

    Digital image processing is class-leading with 2D Intelligent Adaptive Thresholding (IAT) (1-bit mode) and Fixed Threshold B&W (1-bit mode). And there's SmartWorks Pro for 'post scan' image processing.

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    Fine tuning

    The M40 Network Scanner lets you manage the finer details of colour space and colour image processing using RGB (with SmartWorks Pro) / gamma, brightness, and black & white point adjustment.

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    Big on efficiency and output

    Enjoy a straight media path with front entry, rear exit and the option to rewind documents to the front. Files flow image side up via a single document roller, with guides to keep all files aligned.

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    SingleSensor digital imaging technology

    SingleSensor is a full width straight-line contact image sensor of 50,400 pixels with bi-directional long-life LED lighting for optimum object illumination and instant-on scanning capability.

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    Big on accuracy

    Scan accuracy is an incredible +/-0.1% +/-1 pixel, with slight variance depending on the operating environment and the type and thickness of media.

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    Scanner optics & calibration

    Expect quality from a chemically treated, scratch resistant, anti-Newton ring (AG) scan glass. The SingleSensor is colour calibrated and accurately aligned to within +/- 0.5 pixel during manufacture.

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    Speed and Power

    With SuperSpeed USB3 with 3 metre USB3 cable (PC connector compatible with USB2 and USB3 sockets) using a local power cable, you transfer data at fast speeds.

M40 Network Scanner