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Ideal for education, business and government
With SMART Learning Suite or SMART Meeting Pro® software, the SMART 624 Podium is a great option for higher education lectures, distance learning and flipped classroom presentations. SMART Meeting Pro software makes it perfect for meetings, corporate training and field response communication and coordination.
  • SMART 624 Podium - Any Size Audience

    Any size audience

    By projecting SMART Podium to a large display, such as a SMART Board®, presenters can guide audiences of any size in a variety of room configurations.

  • SMART 624 Podium - Presentation

    Dynamic Presentation

    SMART Podium encourages participation by letting presenters capture and save their audience’s ideas, feedback and questions on the fly.

  • SMART 624 Podium - Untethered Freedom

    Untethered Freedom

    The cordless, battery-free pen lets presenters easily write notes without limiting body language, enhancing their connection with the audience.

  • 24-inch Full HD Touch Screen

    Featuring 10 touchpoints and 4 pre-set buttons (black, blue, red and SMART ink), presenters have almost unlimited ways to annotate content. The anti-glare surface with Silktouch™ frictionless feel, Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution and adjustable stand provide uncompromised touch experience and image quality.

  • Cordless Pen

    The cordless, battery-free pen gives presenters the freedom to write notes without limiting body language. With an eraser and mouse-click functionality, the cordless pen has everything presenters need to navigate content. Optional tether included.

  • Display Flexibility

    HDMI, DVI-I (in/out, HDCP-compliant), USB ports and VGA adaptor cables, enable SMART Podium to be connected to any projector or large format display, such as a SMART Board®, making it easy to show presentations large enough to be viewed clearly in meeting rooms of any size.

  • Content control icon

    Intuitive Interaction

    The display ignores a palm resting on the screen, enabling presenters to comfortably write over websites, videos and files. Presenters can use gestures to move, manipulate (pinch, zoom, rotate, flip) and save their notes and illustrations.

  • Smart Ink

    SMART ink™ lets presenters write over websites, videos, and into PDFs and Microsoft Office® files, and save notes in almost any file type.

  • SMART Meeting Pro

    This powerful visual collaboration software allows users to create and capture ideas in the virtually unlimited interactive Unbound Workspace, as well as make notes over any available application to keep meetings organized and easily communicate outcomes

SMART 624 Podium
  • Coating

    Anti-glare & Anti-Fingerprint

  • Screen Resolution

    Full HD (1920x1080)

  • Touch Points

    10 touch points

  • Connection

    HDMI, DVI-I, USB ports and GA adaptor cables

  • Annotation

    Draw, write, and capture notes

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