SMART kapp iQ for Enterprise

A highly interactive ultra high definition smartboard.

High definition, high tech presentation power

The days of death by PowerPoint meetings are behind you. Transform meetings into interactive high-definition brainstorms with SMART kapp iQ. An Ultra High Definition SMART screen for workplace collaboration that lets you work with many media types and invite people to connect and contribute. Save and share with up to 250 people worldwide, with 100% encryption.

  • Treat every idea like gold

    Don’t banish your ideas to the back of a flip chart. Write over presentations right onto the screen & share session notes as PDFs or JPEGs.

  • Let your fingers do the talking

    Get your ideas out. SMART kapp iQ is an extension of your thoughts that puts control at your fingertips with every touch, swipe and stroke.

  • Become a high definition media manipulator

    Incorporate any media into your session in stunning high resolution - from presentations to animations and everything in between.

  • Invite the world to watch

    People can participate whether they're in the same room or around the world. Whether it's writing on screen, or connecting through a device. Sessions can be saved and shared with up to 250 people.

  • Never leave an idea behind

    You'll never lose another idea. Write straight onto presentations and save every addition and contribution easily. You can share as PDFs or JPEGs and make sure your ideas get actioned later.

  • Ready to work

    Simple to start up, simple to use. Just plug it in and SMART kapp iQ is ready to work with minimal setup requirements.

  • Works hand-in-hand with Office

    Keep your workflow smooth and seamless. Integrate with Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 to make it simple to send and receive files as usual, meaning people can participate without specific programs.

  • Up to 75" of interactivity

    Give yourself room to think. Have ultra high definition ideas with a choice between 55", 65" and 75" display.

  • Collaborate with confidence

    Your ideas are valuable. Keep them protected with encrypted connections that ensure the integrity of sensitive information. Which means you can share freely and work better without worry.

  • Smart about energy saving

    Work smarter and save on your power bill. The 75" model boasts ENERGY STAR® compliance, which means you can be serious about sustainability.

SMART kapp iQ for Enterprise