SMART kapp iQ for Education

Turn up the engagement and collaboration

High definition learning is here

Keeping the smartphone generation switched on and engaged in lessons is hard. Don't fight technology - harness it with the SMART kapp iQ. Part UHD display, part interactive tool for teaching, collaboration & brainstorming. Write on it, share from it, connect devices, get into gamified learning and add dimension to teaching in high definition.

  • Write, swipe, save and share

    Be the master of any media. Scribble straight onto files like PDF, PowerPoint, Excel and Autodesk. Save them & share notes as PDFs or JPEGs.

    Adobe PDF integration icon
  • Brainstorm without borders

    Think globally. Invite online participants to connect to your classroom. Share and collaborate with up to 250 people from anywhere around the world.

  • Work your magic with any media in ultra high definition

    Bring your lesson to the big screen and display your presentations, videos, animations. If your laptop can play it, the SMART kapp iQ can display it in crisp HD resolution.

  • Make education a shared experience

    Collaborative learning is limitless. You can write directly on the screen, or connect and contribute from a device on the other side of the world. Share your learning with over 250 people worldwide.

  • Save and share to everywhere

    Saving is as easy as playing. Make notes on a device and use them on screen. Then save sessions, share, switch files or pick up where you left off. Easy.

  • Plug and play collaboration

    Stop wasting time with complicated technology with manuals that look more like novels. With the SMART kapp iQ, It's as easy as plugging it in, going through the easy set up and you're off and running.

  • Microsoft friendly

    No special mail programs required. SMART kapp iQ works seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 so you can send and receive files as usual - making the classroom more collaborative.

  • Crisp, clear, larger-than-life lessons

    Bring your subject to life in Ultra High Definition. Choose between a 55", 65" and 75" display to light up your classroom

  • Control who sees your screen

    If information security is an issue, encrypted connections keep sensitive work secure and out of the view of the wrong eyes.

  • Energy saving

    Education is more energy efficient with the 75" model, which has an ENERGY STAR® rating. Meaning it's also smart about saving you money.

SMART kapp iQ for Education