SMART Board 800 Series

Welcome to the inclusive & engaging classroom of the future

Get hands on with the intuitive SMART Board 800

Powered by SMART Learning Suite, this interactive whiteboard will help foster critical thinking and problem solving in the classroom, while exposing your students to a new digital way of learning. It's intuitive design encourages group interaction with the simple use of their fingers or a pen.

  • Compatible with Canon short throw projectors

    Get collaborative with Canon's range of short throw projectors. Ultra short throw projectors can be attached to the wall so they remain unobtrusive.

    Compatible with short throw projectors icon
  • Seriously intuitive learning

    The board has object awareness to sense you - no matter if you're using a finger, pen, or your palm. Gestures like flick, zoom & erase are all tracked

  • Get them involved

    Up to four users can write, perform mouse functions, erase and manipulate objects at the same time with hand gestures.

  • Go freestyle

    Get more freedom to learn with teachers and students now able to write in digital ink, move objects with their fingers and much more, without the need to switch to a multiuser mode.

  • True object awareness

    No need to access on-screen menus, cameras know when you switch between finger, fist or a pen. A user can write with a pen, erase with a palm and move objects with the touch of a finger.

  • Touch gestures

    Includes built-in support for multitouch operating systems such as Windows® 7, Windows® 8 and Mac® OS X. Toss, rotate and interact with objects while using SMART Notebook software.

  • Powered by SMART Learning Suite

    Turn lessons into enriching learning experiences by connecting students, teachers and devices all at once. SMART Learning Suite includes SMART Notebook®, SMART lab™, SMART response® 2 and SMART amp™..

  • SMART Ink

    Gain the ability to write over applications, websites and videos as you would on paper. Watch your notes become objects that you can move and manipulate. Smarter ink at your fingertips!

  • Enhance the experience

    The SMART Board 800 is compatible with Canon's range of projectors so you can push your collaboration even further. Ultra short throw projectors can be attached to the wall so they remain unintrusive.

  • 1 board for many hands

    Up to 4 students can use the board at the same time, providing a truly collaborative and gamified learning experience.

SMART Board 800 Series