InFocus JTouch Display
  • Annotation

    Draw, write, and capture notes

  • Display

    Accurate and responsive touch overlay with multi-touch capability

  • Coating

    Anti-glare & Anti-Fingerprint

  • Sizes

    55- to 86-inches

  • Resolution

    Ultra HD 4k display

  • Touch Display

    Supports up to 20 points of touch

Inspire students to see the world differently with interactive technology

Find everything you’ve ever wanted to know about interactive displays for education in our 30-page guide.

  • Sound Bars

    Elevate your media experience and cater to larger audiences with an optional sound bar. Far outperforming TV speakers, a sound bar will help you create an immersive listening experience. and it takes only minutes to set up.

  • Stands and Trolleys

    Easily transfer your interactive whiteboard from one classroom to another with a trolley. Standard or motorized, mobile stands also allow you to adjust screen height and to safely install extra accessories.

  • Video Conference Cameras

    Transform your interactive display panel into a collaborative tool. Our range of 4K Video Conference cameras offers a simple to use, high quality audio and video solution for remote meetings of any size.

  • Wall Mounts

    Interactive displays mounted to a wall need height adjustment for different length of users, especially in education but also in business use. A motorized wall mount can be installed direct to the wall to effortlessly improve your audience's visibility.

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