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Three steps to print on-the-go with Google Cloud Print for PIXMA

It's easy to print remotely to your Canon PIXMA from any of your web-enabled devices thanks to Google Cloud Print.This cloud service connects to a whole variety of your favourite sites such as Picasa, Photobucket, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Dropbox and Box. Linking to these services allows you to print images and documents located anywhere you can access the internet.

On your PIXMA home menu select 'setup', then 'web server setup' then scroll down to 'other settings' and press 'OK'.

  1. Select 'Google Cloud Print setup', and 'register with Google Cloud Print'. Select 'yes' to the on-screen message, then choose your preferred language via the scroll wheel. You'll then see a message that the printer is ready to print the authentication code. Make sure there is A4 paper loaded in the plain paper cassette, then press 'OK' and the authentication code will print. Keep this printout, you'll need it later in the registration process. If the code printed out correctly, press 'Yes' on the next screen. A screen will then come up to confirm the authentication process. You now have 14 minutes to complete registration.
  2. Use the printed URL to register the printer to Google Cloud Print. Enter the URL on the browser of your PC, smartphone, or tablet. If your device has a bar code reader, you can scan the QR code. At the next screen, enter your Google account information (Gmail address and password or create one to enter). Select 'finish printer registration' and once you have the confirmation message you can print using Google Cloud Print. 
  3. On your chosen device, start the application supporting Google Cloud Print, such as Google Chrome, Gmail, or Google Docs. In the application software, tap the pull down menu, and select 'Print' and enjoy the freedom of printing your cloud-stored documents wirelessly from any internet-connected device. 
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