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TelePresence and Unified Communication

TelePresence is a powerful multimedia tool that improves communication and increases your organization's productivity. Along with e-mail, instant messaging, Web conferencing, and other collaboration technologies, video is part of a Unified Communication strategy for any organization looking to improve its competitive positioning and the quality of life of its employees.

In an organization with a Unified Communication approach, all communication tools work seamlessly together, allowing users to move from one form of communication to the next without a break in the flow of conversation. Imagine an Instant Message between two co-workers escalating to a real-time video meeting over IP, then patching in a supplier on his 3G mobile phone, and later streaming over the Web to those who couldn't make the live call.

Canon Business Video ConferencingVideo offers an essential element of communication that other technologies cannot - the face-to-face experience. If 55 percent of communication is determined by nonverbal cues, namely tone of voice and body language, how many important details are you missing in an e-mail exchange or teleconference? A CISCO/Roper ASW survey found that 56% of business professionals estimate they waste more than 30 minutes a day using inefficient communication methods. Face-to-face communication is more personal, builds higher trust, reduces confusion, and makes people more accountable for their actions.

That's why the ability to communicate via video is the driving force behind much of the IT convergence we are seeing today.

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Key benefits

Video conferencing delivers immediate benefits in terms of cost savings and improved productivity. Organizations of all types have found that video creates a competitive advantage by:

  • Unifying the Organization - Having multiple offices doesn't have to mean isolated teams. Organizations that undergo global expansion, mergers, or outsourcing initiatives often have departments in silos, disconnected from project goals and a communal company culture. Video creates a virtual meeting room for collaboration, keeping everyone on the same page.
  • Promoting Work/Life Balance - Having to travel all day for a two hour out-of-town meeting means sacrificing family and personal time. Using video to attend that meeting, or even working from home, instead of sitting in rush hour traffic, goes a long way to restoring the work/life balance, saving costs, and protecting the environment.
  • Accelerating Decision Making - An estimated $297 billion is wasted each year in the United States alone from inefficient communication. The time we spend on travelling, waiting for materials to arrive, or trying unsuccessfully to explain complex issues over e-mail could instead be used to bring new products to market or solve customer service issues. Video allows all parties to share ideas, show detailed images, and take action more quickly.
  • Scaling Knowledge - Sometimes you need to bring in an expert. Video allows you to leverage the expertise of a few across an entire organization without asking them to travel to different locations. Training, translating, consulting, and troubleshooting can happen in real time. And, with video streaming and archiving, an expert's knowledge can be accessed by anyone at anytime.

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