imageFORMULA DR-M260

Rapid and reliable to maximise your workflow.

A scanner that simply flies through every job

Ready to maximise office productivity? Your Canon DR-M260 comes standard with Canon’s new on-board DR Processor, so outstanding image quality and robust document handling is guaranteed.

  • All sizes, all weights, always happy

    With advanced paper handling technology you can rely on the DR-M260 to scan perfectly, even when you’re feeding through different sized documents.

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  • A scanner that’s easy to control

    Your user-friendly LCD control panel puts you in control of every job. Error and maintenance messages on screen will get you into action fast.

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Lightning speed in a single pass

It’s time to pump up office productivity. Your DR M260 scans up to 120 A4 sides in 200dpi per minute, and in a single-pass operation – whether you’re scanning in colour, grey, or black and white. And, with a heavy-duty auto document feeder on board that can hold up to 80 sheets of paper, it’s always equipped and ready for the next job.

  • Whatever you want, whenever

    Plastic, card or paper, your DR M260 handles every scan with ease. A4 and passport carrier sheets make thick and delicate originals a breeze.

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    Small in size, big in output

    With its small footprint, your Canon DR-M260 desktop scanner won't demand much space, however it will amaze with its huge capacity for volume.

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    A speed that’s guaranteed to surprise

    At speeds of up to 120 A4 sides scanned in 200dpi per minute and in a single-pass, your DR-M260 will have your office under control in no time.

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    Smart, productive, and independent

    Large feed rollers work independently to minimise paper skewing, even when your feeding your DR-M260 with small or mixed size papers together.

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    Advanced for complex image processing

    Do more with less. Your DR-M260 will de-skew, enhance characters, correct colour, smooth backgrounds, orient text, separate batches and more.

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