Whitecliffe Case Study

20th August 2019

Art is life at Whitecliffe college; and providing life-transforming educational experiences in arts and design is a mission the school aims for in everything it does.

The Need

Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design is an independent, award-winning specialist in arts and design education, built on foundations of excellence and innovation - values shared by Canon.  Recognising that study can be an expensive time, particularly when the curriculum involves producing high-quality images for assessment, Whitecliffe aspired to give students access to superior print facilities whilst reducing the cost-load.  The school acknowledged there was a need for other services such as 3d printing, laser cutting and guillotining for not only the students, but the alumni and the wider community.

Canon worked closely with Whitecliffe college to create a solution that supported their commitment to providing students with a wide range of media, processes and methodologies, thus ensuring their graduates could become leaders in their fields through a critical combination of making and thinking.

"Recently, in partnering with Canon to setup the Print & Cut Hub, we’ve been able to expand our offering, and to strongly support the students in terms of outputting prints on different surfaces, at different scales and to different moments. Whether this is an exhibition moment, an assessment moment, or a series of critiques.”

Becky Nunes HOD Photo Media
Whitecliff college

The Canon Solution

Whitecliffe and Canon worked together to develop an innovative facility based on campus where students can preview their work before printing professional images and submitting for appraisal, at approximately one-third of the cost of using older technology. The Canon Print & Cut Hub includes a wide format printer, 3D print technology and wide format guillotines, which enables students to see how their work is looking prioir to completion and to re-size their art to specified dimensions.

This solution gives the students the newfound ability to run test prints on different surfaces and at different scales. They can then compare these side-by-side with what’s on the monitor, providing the students with the opportunity to broaden their technical expertise and enhance the output of their artwork.

Whitecliff college


Implementation is a key element of any deployment, and for Whitecliffe this involved synergy between Canon’s technician and solutions team, along with Whitecliffe’s IT and Print Technician team. The two teams worked together to ensure the smooth installation of both the high spec multi-function devices and wide format printers to rapidly offer the benefits of the new solution to Whitecliffe students.

The Canon Project Management team transitioned the new devices to the uniFLOW print management platform and adjusted the current software to maximise printing efficiency. In the busy end-of-year leading up to assessments - a crucial time when the students would most benefit from the new Print & Cut Hub - the implementation was smoothly carried out by the team while also minimising as much disruption as possible.

"Having access to these resources and facilities and being able to turn over ideas into real work is part of preparing students for the real world. We really are focused on preparing them for a lifelong career in arts and design.”

Hayden Whitecliffe Director of Projects, Systems and Communications

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