Waikato Shared Sport Services

8th November 2019

Waikato Sports Shared Services specialise in sports accounting and administrative services in the Waikato region, with a focus on accounts payable and accounts receivable. The manual processing of documents such as invoices created many challenges – it was time consuming, allowed room for error, and put a huge amount of pressure on staff. With the help of Canon’s process automation solutions, they now have an automated document processing workflow, decreasing costs, and giving staff the freedom to focus on more valuable tasks.

The Need

Waikato Sports Shared Services were previously operating under a paper-based document and management system to process their Accounts Payable items, with invoices being printed and manually processed.

This process took an incredible amount to time and effort and created room for error. On a monthly basis the accounts payable team would print a vast number of invoices, manually process them, and physically pass them onto a manager to sign off and code one at a time, dedicating days to such a simple yet mundane task.

Feeling fed up with such a repetitive process, Waikato Sports Shared Services were made aware of the immense potential benefits of Canon’s process automation solution of ABBYY and Therefore.

“The old method was time consuming and mistakes were made - the pressure was on to get it done in a short amount of time”

Waikato Shared Services

The Solution

Working closely with the team, Canon Business Solutions developed a solution to use ABBYY in conjunction with Therefore which transformed their accounts receivable and payable process.

ABBYY is an optical character recognition and document capture platform and can be uniquely optimised to suit a business’ needs depending on the types and ranges of documents they receive. This allows it to pick up key data on scanned documents such as the invoice number, value, and who the client is.

Once this information is gathered, it is uploaded into the document management system, Therefore.

Therefore creates an efficient workflow where invoices are uploaded to the system with the help of ABBYY. They can then be viewed and approved by managers within the system, instead of having to look at physical copies.

This allows invoices to be processed in a timely manner and prevents potential errors in the handling of paper invoices, whilst giving greater transparency to managers around any changes. Therefore also stores all documents and acts as a digital filing cabinet allowing you to quickly and efficiently find documents, without having to trawl through thousands of pieces of paper.

“The new method using ABBYY was so much quicker, it was easier, it saved a lot of paper and a lot of time. It made the invoices available much faster for managers to authorise”

Waikato Shared Services

The Result

With the implementation of Canon’s process automation software of ABBYY and Therefore, Waikato Sports Shared Services have improved productivity, reduced business costs and mitigated the risk of errors. Through automating their accounts payable processes, Waikato Shared Sports Services have also reduced paper wastage, and simplified business processes.

“Invoices don’t get lost. It’s just an efficient way of loading accounts payable”

Waikato Shared Services
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