Clark Equipment

20th September 2019

With no centralised document management and a fully paper based system, Clark Equipment found it challenging and time consuming to locate and share files across their branches. Having to post documents between offices caused delays and resulted in difficulties for the Accounts Team reconciling statements with invoices. Thankfully with Canon’s process automation solutions, they have now improved efficiencies, decreased costs and freed their staff to be able to work on more interesting tasks.

The Need

Like a huge percentage of other New Zealand businesses, Clark Equipment were operating on a paper based document system - everything was printed - meaning there were multiple store rooms filled with files in every department. Paperwork would move through their branches (literally, some documents were being posted) resulting in multiple copies of the same document throughout the company. Delays in receiving posted documents also meant the Accounts Team had difficulty reconciling statements with invoices. Key stakeholders in the company quickly realised the need for a document management solution that allowed easy archiving and retrieval of files, to remove the amount of printed paperwork in the company. On top of that, they wanted to automate the Accounts Payable workflow to free staff from mundane tasks.

“We were looking for something that we could build on. It had to be both a solution for right now, and a solution for our future business”

Clark Equipment

The Solution

Canon recognised the benefit Clark Equipment would receive by implementing Therefore and ABBYY into their business, with a large and vast range of documentation being processed through the company. The turnaround of information was slow, and finding information was challenging.

Therefore automates business processes, making the task of capture and processing an easy one. Put simply, it allows you to create an electronic filing cabinet for all your business information. Stored information can be swiftly and easily located via a universal interface or even the web. Paper documents in many formats and from any source are able to be managed, organised and retrieved effortlessly.

Working with Canon, the team could clearly see the potential of Therefore and how it would add value not just now, but in the future. It started a change improvement process across all aspects of the company.

True Value Added

The solution has improved efficiencies and increased ownership, with staff now able to access data themselves without having to go through other people. They’ve found a decrease in the double up of documents and excess paper has been greatly reduced. By having less printed documents the potential for lost paperwork has also been reduced.

Therefore is a universal platform, there is transparency around any changes to documents as everything is tracked.

“It has freed up time in some departments and those staff have been able to work on more interesting tasks, take on new work, making the company more profitable”

Clark Equipment

Customers are happier because staff are able to respond to their requests in a more timely manner, and they have observed a decrease in cost across all of their processes.

Staff have embraced the software, stating it has made their day so much easier with instantaneous filing, and the dread of huge piles of paper building up has been alleviated. Information is found faster, they can email information directly from Therefore, there is less data entry and their time is used more efficiently at work.

When implementing the software, Canon worked with Clark Equipment to bring all of the paper files to Christchurch and digitized every piece of paper.

Canon’s true success indicator is knowing we have greatly added value to our customer and their business, giving them the freedom to focus on what matters most.

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