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Managing you site effectively and safely

Learn how Canon products can assist your business to achieve compliant visitor tracing, keep your staff and guests informed, or optimise document delivery and availability.


Site Management

With the need of having to record visitors to workplaces and on-site workers having to observe social distancing, businesses are looking at new ways to interact with customers and employees, along with how technology can automate processes and improve efficiencies.

Digital delivery of documents and packages

Create continuity in mailrooms around document delivery and package handling

With the new reality of staff increasingly working from home, businesses may not have resources available to handle deliveries or distribute mail to the right people. Documents and packages are piling up and becoming a security risk at empty sites. Posted cheques are not being banked and contracts and important documents are back-logged.

Canon's solution: Digital Mailroom

Canon can set up a digital mailroom for customers in a matter of days. Mail is received, sorted, opened and processed under specific business rules as determined by the client. All incoming physical documents are made into accessible files for staff in a digital nature on the same business day.

  •  Manual labour is reduced and time-consuming activities are no longer sustainable
  •  The Digital Mailroom seamlessly integrates with back-end systems
  •  Remove physical document storage and have complete oversight of where every piece of mail or inbound document is in the workflow.
Always-on messaging and updates

Keep staff, visitors, students and the wider community up to date with real-time info

It is important that business and educational providers have multiple and effective ways of communicating to their staff, visitors, students and the wider community about new ways of operating and precautions that need to be followed.

Emails are too readily ignored and posters are out of date as fast as you can print them.

Whilst businesses and education providers can communicate to staff internally, they also need an effective way to communicate to those outside their standard channels and with real-time information that is updated as required, quickly, easily and in a cost effective manner.

Canon's solution: commercial grade display panels

Digital signage positioned in highly-visible areas can be an efficient and effective way to communicate important messaging in an instant. Examples include at a reception or foyer area, an externally facing glass window or on the side of a building. Content is managed by software to provide the customer with complete control over what is displayed, on one or multiple screens, updated whenever required and/or connected to live information sources.

  •  Provide relevant and up to date information to a wide range of people including staff, visitors, students and the community
  •  Content can be automated to display custom information or connected to live data sources as required
  •  Flexible options to suit virtually any business or education provider
Scanning and printing documents for mobile workers

Mobile workers are requiring the ability to scan and print documents on the go

Many mobile or remote workers will require the need to scan documents when they are not in the office. A number of staff may have a laptop, but don’t have the ability to scan or print while mobile. Without this ability the time to process documents and vital information quickly is severely impacted.

Workers would normally wait until they are able to get to a scanning or printing device before this information could be made useful to their business.

Canon's solution: mobile scanners and printers

Canon's P215II portable document scanner and PIXMA Mobile TR150 printer enable mobile workers to print and scan documents on the go. No need for them to wait until they are back in the office or at home before they can perform these tasks, giving them increased productivity and their business access to information faster.

  •  Easy to connect to a laptop for mobile workers
  •  Speed to capture information and make available to the business
  •  Quality documents can be produced on the spot
  •  Make your mobile workers more effective