Meeting rooms and shared spaces

Build and scale differentiated video conferencing rooms to meet the needs of your organisation—from small huddle spaces to large, customised board rooms.

Cisco Spark™ Board
  • Simplicity

    A fully touch-based system that is intelligent, intuitive, and effortless to use.

  • Cost effective, scalable & secure

    Cloud registration makes it affordable and easy to deploy in all of your conference rooms, with end to-end encryption.

  • Continuous Teamwork

    The cloud-based platform lets your work continue before, during, and after the meeting is over on any Spark app-enabled device.

  • All-In-One Solution

    Available in 55-inch or 70-inch, the Spark board replaces your conference rooms’ presentation and video screens, whiteboards, cameras, microphones… and all those cables.

Transform your existing screens into a video conferencing system with the SX series or plug and go with an MX300 all-in-one panel.
  • SX10 Video Conferencing Machine

    SX10 Quick Set

    The SX10 Quick Set delivers high-definition video quality, multiparty conferencing. With three different camera options different rooms sizes and configurations can be accommodated at a value price.

  • SX20 Quick Set

    The SX20 Quick Set is an all-in-one, camera-in-codec unit. It offers business-quality video communications at a highly scalable price and easy installation and deployment. The SX20 is ideal for small meeting rooms and huddle spaces.

  • Cnaon MX300 Video Conference


    From box to video in 10 minutes. It doesn’t get much easier. Meet face to face with customers and colleagues at a moment’s notice. The MX300 makes it easy to put high‑definition video meetings within reach for everyone at your organisation.

Canon Video Conferencing

The Cisco Spark™ Board, is an all-in-one, touch-based conferencing device that combines wireless presentation, digital whiteboarding, and video conferencing. The Cisco Spark Board resides in physical meeting rooms but is connected to the Cisco Spark service to facilitate continuous workflow before, during and after the meeting.


Through the Cisco Spark app, team members both in the physical conference room and attending remotely can securely meet, message, call, and whiteboard from anywhere through their Cisco Spark app-enabled device of choice.

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