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Enabling remote working

With increasingly more people working remotely, see how Canon can help you manage and share your assets, and efficiently connected stay connected to your team.


Enabling Remote Workers

From home or on the go, workers still require the ability to print, scan and access documents as if they were office-based. Manual approval processes can become difficult to manage, with timeframes and visibility being impacted.

Seamlessly add home printers to an existing office infrastructure

Provide printing and scanning functionality for home-based workers

Home-based workers still require the ability to print and scan as if they were office-based. Businesses also require the ability to be able to account and report on printing costs for staff working from home.

The quality of the documents being produced is also important to maintain a strong public image of the business supplying the documents.

Canon's solution: uniFLOW Online

With uniFLOW Online, businesses can connect their home-based workers printers to the corporate network and provide the ability to print and scan as if the staff member was in the office.

Employees working from home can print directly from their device, with immediate job release, while the business can still track costs.

  •  Provide home-based staff with full print and scan functionality
  •  Ensure all print related costs are captured and reported on
  •  Enable secure printing at home if required
  •  Scan workflows can also be accessed as if in the office
Seamlessly adding home printers to existing office infrastructure
Deliver classroom lessons for distance learning

Run classroom lessons for students in the room and connecting from home.

Schools need to run classrooms in a new manner to cater for students being both in the room and connecting from home or another location.

Providing the capability for lesson content to be shared and discussed in real time with students in the room and across a video conferencing platform is imperative.

This requires a video conferencing capable camera with microphone to pick up the teacher and ideally students in the room, or at least some audio from the room. The primary teaching display device should also be capable of supporting an ever-increasing number of online programs and applications.

Canon's solution: Interactive Whiteboards

The Aurora Starboard or SMART MX series interactive display panel with optional video conferencing camera and microphone. These can be wall mounted or on a portable trolley to be shared amongst rooms or teaching spaces. Choose from either the InFocus 4K or the InFocus 360 degree camera to pick up the teacher and the room simultaneously with built-in voice tracking.

  •  Provides a consistent and engaging teaching experience for students in the room and connected remotely
  •  Integrates with Google Suite and other online platforms already in use
  •  Use any video conferencing program as preferred
  •  Scan workflows can also be accessed as if in the office
  •  Unique solution with 360 camera
  •  Excellent return on on investment on the panel compared with consumer TVs and projectors
Classroom lesson delivery for distance learning
Digital delivery of documents and packages

Create continuity in mailrooms around document delivery and package handling

With the new reality of staff increasingly working from home, businesses may not have resources available to handle deliveries or distribute mail to the right people. Documents and packages are piling up and becoming a security risk at empty sites. Posted cheques are not being banked and contracts and important documents are back-logged.

Canon's solution: Digital Mailroom

Canon can set up a digital mailroom for customers in a matter of days. Mail is received, sorted, opened and processed under specific business rules as determined by the client. All incoming physical documents are made into accessible files for staff in a digital nature on the same business day.

  •  Manual labour is reduced and time-consuming activities are no longer sustainable
  •  The Digital Mailroom seamlessly integrates with back-end systems
  •  Remove physical document storage and have complete oversight of where every piece of mail or inbound document is in the workflow.
Make paper-based approvals an easy process

When working from home, getting the right person to approve documents quickly is difficult

With more workers now being based at home businesses may struggle to execute paper-based business processes.

Manual approval processes are becoming difficult to manage, and timeframes and visibility are becoming severely impacted due to staff not being available to make approvals happen quickly.

Businesses need to adopt digital workflow processes to ensure they operate effectively and timeframes are able to be met so as not to impact customer experience.

Enhance tools that classify, manage and handle every business exception with workflow and exception-management solutions

Managing routine workflows to prevent errors and exceptions is a mundane and time-consuming task that could easily be done though automation. There are always exceptions to the rule; Canon’s workflow and exception-management solution is designed to streamline the handling of these cases through automation.

Businesses need to adopt digital workflow processes to ensure they operate effectively and timeframes are able to be met so as not to impact customer experience.

Save time correcting the errors brought to your attention by exporting your document enabling first- and subsequent-level routing for resolution. Canon’s team can handle your first-level exceptions, so you can deal only with business-critical cases and concentrate on your core business activity.

Manage the ‘procure to pay’ process, from order to payment, through automated accounts payable

Financial functions can be costly and inefficient for businesses to manage internally. Eliminate the labour-intensive process of identifying, matching and approving hard-copy invoices and achieve faster and more precise invoice processing with an automated accounts-payable solution.

This covers the entire purchasing process, from the initial order through to the final invoice payment, and converts invoices into a digital format that can be imported into your financial system.

Automated Accounts Payable Services
Ensure you have the right printer set up at home

Pick the correct device and regularly print documents from your home office

Working from home still comes with the need to print documents regularly.

Certain roles within a business still require staff to print documents on a regular basis. While a lot of people have a home printer, it might not be the most cost-effective or efficient device.

Laser printer bundles can be delivered direct to your door (including ink and paper) to provide more efficient and cost effective printing at home.
Order online through one of our business partners

  •  Save money on printing costs with the correct device for your environment
  •  Devices are simple to set up and easy to use
  •  Take advantage of our excellent customer service centre for any queries
Ensure you have the right printer set up at home
Organise virtual meetings and remote collaboration

Run meetings for people at work, connecting from home or remote locations.

Businesses will need to run meetings with a combination of people who are at work as well as joining from home, different places of work and other external locations. Enabling each participant to see what is being presented/shared, contributing to the discussion and clearly hearing people is important to deliver the best experience possible and to enable maximum productivity. It is also important that the meeting technology is flexible to support the tools, programs and processes that each business already uses, or may need to use in the future.

Canon's solution: InFocus Mondopad Display Panel

The InFocus Mondopad interactive display with an integrated 4k camera, microphone and built-in Windows 10 platform is an extremely versatile collaboration device. The InFocus Mondopad enables popular video conferencing apps like Zoom, Teams and Webex. Easily wall mount your Mondopad, or attach the device to a portable trolley for the option of a mobile collaboration device.

  •  Enable effective meetings for both work based and remote participants
  •  Utilise a collaboration device that supports virtually any program
  •  Customised home page for most used functions and programs, making the user experience easy
  •  Provide the ability for multi-party content with TeamWorks as required