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Digital Whiteboards For Business

The way we work is changing, and your technology needs to keep pace. Digital whiteboards enable more productive and effective collaboration leading to faster results – moving your business forward.

Transform how you do business with seamless technology
Canon's range of digital whiteboards helps team collaborate - in any work environment. Our selection of interactive display and software creates dynamic workspaces that unlock everyone on your team, so they can contribute from any location or device.

Do more in your workspaces

54% of meetings include remote participants.

Today’s workflows are about going beyond communicating to collaborating. Whether your technology needs are for boardroom presentations, remote training or open brainstorming – Canon has you covered. Efficient boardrooms enable faster breakthrough, more informed decision making and enhanced productivity - mitigating the risks that come with missed and miscommunication.

DO WHAT you want to do

  • Agile/Scrum/Lean Project Management
  • Corporate training
  • Design review
  • Ideation and innovation
  • Command and control
  • Presentations and conferencing

WHERE you want to do

  • Huddle space
  • Training room
  • Conference room
  • Meeting room
  • Personal office
  • Open/Public space
Collaboration solutions for all industries
Sharing ideas with colleagues and getting approval from customers are at the heart of many industries. Your business workflows shouldn't be limited by your technology and location. Remote or in-person, digital interactive whiteboards make it easy to involve every stakeholders of any process.
  • Architects, Engineering and Construction Icon.

    Architecture and construction

    Discover the benefits of synergistic collaboration; for detailed design work; for the visualisation of production data and for so much more. We offer intelligent technologies, like inking into applications, for virtually every area of business empowering users to work smarter.

  • Finance And Insurance Icon.

    Architects, Engineering & Construction

    Financial and insurance businesses can now experience new levels of interactive meetings. Using our technology, not only can users interact with real-time financial data on the display, they can also make annotations regardless of the application being used.

  • Government And Local Council Icon.


    Unlock group decisions faster regardless of the meeting space or location. Whether you are brainstorming or conferencing our secure interactive technology gets everyone on the same page, fast.

Discover Our Range Of Digital Display Panels For Business
Designed with professional use in mind, they're the digital hub of your workspaces.
  • Suit yourself… and others

    With options to contribute to the screen using a pen or your finger then instantly erase objects, images and text with your fist, creative ideas flow and team members work quickly and with ease.

  • Communicate with clarity

    Present and discuss new ideas with brilliant clarity thanks to your commercial-grade, glare-free LED panels that display detailed 4K Ultra HD images, text and video (3840 x 2160 pixels).

  • A smooth operator

    Your highly responsive touch screen delivers on accuracy from corner-to-corner. Fingers glide easily over the screen surface ensuring user comfort, hour after hour.

  • Options to suit your office environment

    With three display sizes to choose from - 65", 75" and 86", our range of interactive display panels lets you create collaborative environments to suit your office space.

Collaboration Software

Designed to leverage the power of our interactive display panels, our software options connect teams and enable them to share and interact with content in ways you won’t believe until you experience it.

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