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Digital signage and digital display for education

Streamline communication and engage with your students, staff, parents and wider community through digital signage and digital display.

Capturing the attention of a generation of students who are constantly connected to and respond to digital communication requires innovation and modernization via technology. Introducing innovative digital solutions and digital signage for education such as wayfinding kiosks and mobile apps helps deliver a high-quality educational experience throughout campuses and classrooms.

With Canon's digital signage and digital display solutions for schools, it is easy to keep students, parents and the wider local community engaged while making sure that relevant information is reaching your target audience.

Our extensive knowledge of the requirements of schools enables us to provide you with a high quality, long lasting solution at the most cost effective price.

Benefits of digital signage for schools
  • Display different types of media

    With digital display you are no longer limited to a single type of media. You are free to use images, photos and video to promote your school.

  • Increase the visibility of your messages

    Make your messages noticed. Digital signage allow you to put your communications in front of more eyes in and outside of the school. Studies have shown that digital display captures the attention a lot more than other traditional channels.

  • Reduce your print volumes

    Replace all your old and costly printed flyers, newsletters and posters by eye-catching digital creative.

  • Update your message in real time

    Digital signage provides you with flexibility. You can schedule your content in real time from anywhere. Be ultra reactive by scheduling different messages depending on the time of the day.

Digital signage captures 400% more views than static displays.

About Canon's Education Specialists

Our team of Education Specialists has developed a unique perspective on both school administration requirements and teachers' needs, ensuring the solution provided not only solves a problem for the school, but enhances the student’s learning experience. Canon Education Specialists are available across the country to meet with you, discuss your needs and define your goals. Working within your budget, they will provide you with technology recommendations to provide the best outcomes for your learners.

Contact our specialists
Ways to use digital panels in your school
  • Community Announcements

    Keep your local community updated with the latest updates, announcements and information about what is happening at the school.

  • Health And Safety Messages

    Increase school safety and maximize your message reach by showcasing safety procedures and instructions for all to see. Update it to reflect changes as procedures evolve.

  • Showcase students' work and achievements

    Lift up students' spirit by celebrating academic achievements and display highlights of student life with compelling imagery.

  • Upcoming Events

    Increase awareness of future events planned at your school, and post announcements for upcoming functions, exam information or sports games.

  • Way finding

    School open days and first days at school are crucial moments for students. Improve their experience by displaying maps of your campus.

  • Welcome Notice

    Welcome students to a new week, day or term and include any critical information. Make special guests feel welcome by displaying personalised information.

  • Discover more ways to make the most of digital signage for schools
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Case Studies
Finlayson Park Primary School

Based in South Auckland, Finlayson Park School is New Zealand’s largest primary school. Shirley Mahi, the school’s principal, is finding new ways to communicate with her many students, share broadcasts with parents and inform the community through Interactive boards within the classroom and a large outdoor digital display at the heart of the school. Through Benjamin Rann, Canon’s Educational Specialist and a former principal himself, three key solutions were found.

The first solution was a digital display to the right of the main office, showcasing student achievements, upcoming events and school news. Ensuring parents could visually see for themselves school insights as they drop their children off. The second solution was the installation of 15 Infocus JTouch interactive boards into classrooms to transform the classroom into a modern, collaborative space. The final and most ambitious solution was the installation of the New Zealand’s largest digital display inside school grounds. This digital display which is commonly referred to by teachers as “the big screen” promotes exercise through play, broadcasts school performances and even plays rugby matches. All of which has been successful in bringing the community into the school.

We were very pleased to know that Canon had an education specialist. With him and his knowledge of schools, children and teacher's needs, that's been a real plus for us to be engaging with Canon.

Shirley Maihi - Principal, Finlayson Park School
Benefits of interactive whiteboards in classrooms

Transform your classroom or boardroom into a collaborative space, with Canon’s interactive whiteboards. Our highly intuitive digital whiteboards come in a range of sizes and allow users to write, zoom, rotate and move objects with the touch of your finger.

It's time for you to turn static content into interactive lessons with electronic whiteboards designed to work within the workflows your teachers already use. Our interactive whiteboards for education come with free learning software. Our unparalleled collaborative experience, and unmatched quality, longevity and regulatory compliance gives you peace of mind that your investment will last for years to come.

The interactive whiteboard is a technological leap and it is set to revolutionize education. A new era of teaching that integrates multiple media and information sources has begun. In fact, digital whiteboards have astonishing potential to make learning more engaging and effective in many surprising ways.

Features for all learning styles
  • Auditory learners

    Built-in speakers, screen and voice recording are shared features across our range of interactive whiteboards. Built-in web browser enables users to access websites, streaming services and login to online applications - without the need to connect a computer. This is especially useful for Video Conference. Optional soundbar available to accommodate the audience in larger rooms.

  • Kinaesthetic learners

    Up to 20 points of touch on the panel using the latest infrared touch sensor technology for a fast and smooth user experience. Classroom accessories such as a compass, protractor, ruler, timer and more are available as options.

  • Read/write learners

    Collaborate and brainstorm thoughts and lesson content in real time with the built-in digital whiteboard application. Save files to continue working on them at a later time or share with others. Draw over any content displayed on the panel with the built-in digital ink overlay application, ideal for all types of collaboration, planning and sharing.

  • Visual learners

    The large interactive Surface - up to 86" - offers an incredible image and is an excellent platform for classroom education. Unlike consumer screens, these durable commercial-grade displays are built for prolonged daily use (50,000 hours lifetime) and will resist the harsh classroom environment. Glare-free LED panels display brilliantly readable 4K Ultra HD content that will keep students involved no matter where they are in the room.

Inspire students to see the world differently with interactive technology

Find everything you’ve ever wanted to know about interactive displays for education in our 30-page guide.

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