Combining the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer, the SMART Board interactive whiteboard engages students and audiences around the world.


SMART offers the world's best-selling interactive devices in education. The inclusion of the award-winning SMART Notebook™ collaborative learning software, multi-touch capabilities and gesture control offers a truly engaging and collaborative experience for the classroom. Now with multi-touch capabilities where two users can simultaneously write, perform mouse functions, erase, manipulate and move objects on the interactive surface, ensuring a collaborative teacher/student experience. SMART devices are designed to fit the user – our gesture recognition reads simple, intuitive hand and finger gestures allowing you to toss, rotate or zoom in on objects and interact within SMART Notebook software.

Teacher made, student inspired, created and refined based on feedback from educators to support a variety of pedagogical styles, subjects and age groups. Easy-to-use, intuitive tools that let you create and deliver dynamic lessons effortlessly. SMART Exchange provides you with 60,000+ high-quality lessons and additional content created by SMART Notebook users.

Join more than 3 million users around the globe and create and deliver inspired lessons, access high-quality education content and engage students with a SMART Notebook Advantage subscription, you’ll experience SMART on a whole new level.
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